Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Gua skang tengah terkunci luar klas...agak panas hati gua di sini...datang awal bajet nak tdo lu sementare tunggu zohor, tapi leh lak kelas kunci lagi...agaknye nant ramai2 pakat duk bersila depan pintu, blaja luar kelas neh laaa kot....

Tak pe..kite abaikan dulu hal gua termenung depan kelas neh..

Memandangkan gua rini sangat2 laaa bermotivasi...jadi rini kite story pasal motivasi sket yer..pasal melancholy...

Secara jujurnya, gua memang haram jadah tak paham satu habuk pon makne melancholy neh...gua 1st time dengar pasal melancholy pon dari blog membe gua..n gua pon memang berniat jahat nak curik sket2 ayat yang ade dalam blog die then paste kat cni...mohon kebenaran yer wahai senior mathku yang best..

*Ko tak bagi pon aku tetap nak amik gak.. :)

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the father of the medicine, over 400 years BC proposed that there were four fundamental personality types, or temperaments. They are:

1. Sanguine, which means cheerful.
2. Choleric, which means irascible, quick-tempered.
3. Melancholy, which means excessively gloomy.
4. Phlegmatic, which means slow or unexcitable.

The four personality types are described below:

Popular Sanguine
The Popular Sanguine types are lively, sunny, outgoing personalities, who always attract the people around them with their fun-loving temperament. They are humorous, fascinating and outspoken and they can turn even a trivial story into a hilarious event.

The Popular Sanguines are always seeking the attention and approval of those around them. They can add fun and drama into every situation, easily initiate conversations and have the enviable ability to become best friends with everyone in a group.

They see the excitement in every situation and can animatedly tell a storey about that. The Popular Sanguines are very warm and natural people and always tend to make a physical contact with the people around them. They always hug, kiss, touch or pat their friends.

Usually the Popular Sanguine is called “the talker”.

Powerful Choleric

The Powerful Choleric is an outgoing, outspoken and dynamic person who always aiming and goal orientated. While the Popular Sanguine is the talker, the Powerful Choleric is the achiever. The Powerful Choleric communicates very easily with people and is very confident that everything will turn all right if he/she is in charge.

Goal orientated and with strong leadership qualities, the Powerful Choleric usually succeeds in whatever they choose. Opposition only strengthens their determination.

The Powerful Cholerics regarding of their gender and age have the natural inclination of getting their own way than getting along with others.

The Cholerics seek appreciation and loyalty from others. They strive for being challenged, easily accept difficult situations and expect approval for their achievements.

Their ambition and determination can turn them into workaholics, make them opinionated and stubborn, and leave them insensitive to other’s feelings.

Usually the Powerful Choleric is called “the doer”.

Perfect Melancholy

The Perfect Melancholy is an opposite of the fun-loving Popular Sanguine and because “the opposites attract”, they usually get into relationship and merry. The Perfect Melancholy is serious, thoughtful, deep and perfectionist. The Perfect Melancholy is called “the thinker”.

Their precision for the details and the logic may discourage and depress them when they see the obvious faults of their partner. Because of that they need sympathy and compassion in order to express themselves. They need their own space and time to think before they speak or act.

The Perfect Melancholy is careful, organised and task-orientated. They flourish on order and logic and because of that they are very reliable to complete a promised job on time. Their perfectionism is towards themselves as well and this can make them pessimistic and self-critical, measuring to their high standards.

Usually the Perfect Melancholy is called “the thinker”.

Peaceful Phlegmatic

The strong-willed Powerful Cholerics usually are drawn toward the Peaceful Phlegmatics who easily agree with them and will not enter into dispute. The Phlegmatics are easy going and diplomatic types. They dislike risk, surprise or a challenge and need time to adapt to the new situation. Although they avoid stressful situations they cope and work well under pressure.

Because they naturally try to avoid difficulties, their lack of discipline and motivation makes them to procrastinate in the absence of the strong leader. There is why they team well with the Powerful Choleric.

The Peaceful Phlegmatics are soft-spoken and introvert, but they enjoy being around people. Although they do not need to talk as much as the Popular Sanguine, they have good sense of humour and seem to say the right thing at the right time.

The Peaceful Phlegmatics are earthy, steady and stable. They tend for security and create and offer safety for their partners. In conversations they are negotiators instead of fighters.

Usually the Peaceful Phlegmatic is called “the observer”

Obviously gua memang seorang yang peaceful phlegmatic...patot laaa ramai yang kate gua xde prasaan...coz gua memang jenis camneh...gua kan "soft-spoken" (bukan "soft" yer)..

So kalu akan datang lu orang smue crite ape2 kat gua, jangan marah eh kalu paling gempak gua respon pon, senyum je...Kalu menang loteri pon (which is not shariah-compliant), gua senyum je..kalu bini gua mintak ajak main pon (main dam ye,sila jangan salah faham) , gua senyum je..haha


  1. rasanya saye peaceful phelgmatic...
    dari dulu suma org cakap saye xde parasaan...
    lebih suka memerhati dari bercakap.....

  2. peaceful phlegmatic... giler lain...
    i got the test, we have been doing it for all candidates for interview... i send u a copy, then get back to me... let's see what's the result will be.. hahaha