Monday, August 16, 2010


It was a fine day yesterday, until Arsenal ruined it at night...The first game of EPL, and they played like shit. I was very frustrated, angry, and nearly lost my patience at mamak stall..most of the time, I was like "main laaa lek lok arsenal ooiiii", "bongok almunia", "bodoh!!!".....I lost count on how many times the four letter words came out from my mouth..

The so-called young arsenal team, failed to exploit the advantage against the 10-men Liverpool for more than 45 minutes. Plus, there was time where Liverpool were down to 9 men. But stillllllll, Arsenal were outplayed. The Gunners obviously showed their nerves, impatience, lack of courage and creativity, against the "new" Liverpool team, I would say.

It looks like Mr Roy ( the new Liv's coach) successfully turn the 7th placed team into one of the title contender. I am not a big fan of Liverpool, but they really did a great job last night. They have their own style of play, they have characters, and they play with their heart. And if there was something that they were missing yesterday, that would be luck.

This is Mr Wenger

Arsene, (Arsenal's coach) please re-consider your squad. We need the experienced player at the back, and a goalkeeper that we can rely on. After Cole's dismissal, Arsenal's quality surprisingly goes downward, and it was worsen by the Ngog's goal. In fact, the goal can be avoided if Jack Wilshere manage to control the ball well...It was very frustrating! For me, even though it was a tie, the feeling is just same as we lost the game. Arsenal failed to deliver and their immaturity showed when it is needed most.

The only consolation was that Arsenal got the last minute equalizer, thanx to the own goal by Reina (Liverpool's goalie). But in the end, 2 goals, 2 red cards, and both team shares the point.

Arsenal player celebrate their goal

Arsenal, you were still not good enough...

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  1. "Arsenal, you were still not good enough..."

    i like coz Man.U always be d best..huahahahahaah